Rule 67 Expropriation

May 12, 2019 | Author: Rj de Lima | Category: Eminent Domain, Just Compensation, Complaint, Damages, Legal Concepts
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RULE 67 EXPROPRIATION 1. What is the meaning meaning of Eminen Eminentt Domain? Domain? It is the the right right of the State State to acquir acquire e priva private te prop propert erty y for public public use use upon upon payment of just compensation. 2. What What is E!"o E!"o!"i !"iati ation? on? It is the procedure to be followed in the exercise of the right of eminent domain. #. a. b. c. d.

What a"e in$%&'e' in the (e"i)e' (e"i)e' *om!%aint *om!%aint fo" fo" E!"o!"iation? E!"o!"iation? The right right and purpo purpose se of expropri expropriatio ation; n; The description description of the the real and personal personal property property sought sought to be expropriated; expropriated; All persons persons ownin owning g or claiming claiming to own or occupy occupying ing any part part or interes interest; t; If the prop proper erty ty to be expr expropri opriat ated ed is in the name of the the epub epubli lic c of the !hilippines" !hilippines" an averment to that e#ect shall be made. $Sec. %&

+. *an a%% !"o!e !"o!e"tie "ties s ,e e!"o! e!"o!"iate "iate'? '? As a general rule" yes. 'xceptions( a. )oney; b. *hos *hoses es in acti action on..

-. What hat is the the !&"! &"!os ose e of 'e!os osit itin ing g a%& a%&e e /ith an a&th &tho"i0 o"i0e e' goe"nment 'e!osita" ,efo"e !%ainti ente"s into the !"o!e"t? a. To provide provide damages if the court +nds that that plainti# has has no right to to expropriate; expropriate; b. Advance Advance payment payment for for just just compensat compensation. ion. $Sec. $Sec. ,& 6. What What 'oes the 'efe 'efen'a n'ant nt nee' nee' to 'o if he has no o,3e$ o,3e$tio tion n to the e!"o!"iation !"o$ee'ings? a. -ile and serve a notice of of appearance appearance and manifestation to that e#ect. b. Thereafter" Thereafter" he shall be be entitled to notice notice of all proceedings. proceedings. 7. What if the 'efen'ant 'efen'ant o,3e$ts to the !"o$ee'ings? !"o$ee'ings? e must must +le +le his his answ answer er with within in the the time time prov provid ided ed for for in the the summ summon ons. s. /o counterclaim" cross0claim or third party complaint shall be alleged or allowed in the answer or subsequent pleading. pleading. 4. What a"e a"e the 5tage 5tages s of E!"o! E!"o!"iat "iation? ion? a. 1etermination 1etermination of plainti#2s plainti#2s authority authority to exer exercise cise the power of eminent domain domain and the propriety of its exercise. i. A +nal +nal or order der sust sustai aini ning ng the the rig right ht to to expr exprop opri riat ate e is app appea eala labl ble" e" but but the the appe appeal al does does not not prev preven entt the the cour courtt from from dete deterrmini minin ng the the just just compensation to be paid. b. 1etermination 1etermination of the just compensation compensation for the property property sought to be ta3en. ta3en. . What is the fo"m&%a fo"m&%a fo" the the 'ete"mination 'ete"mination of 3&st $om!ensation? $om!ensation?  4*5-)67*10*8 If *8 is less than *1" then 4*5-)6 9here(  4*54ust compensation compensation

-)65-air mar3et value *15consequential damages *85consequential bene+ts

1. When !%ainti $an ta8e !ossession of !"o!e"t !en'ing %itigation? !lainti# can enter or ta3e possession of the real property upon 1'!:SIT with the authoried government depositary an amount equal to ASS'SS'1 6A
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